How To Shop At Forever21 [without looking like a tween]

I’ve been shopping at Forever21, since well, I was a teen (circa 2003). I remember when there was only one in Fair Oaks Mall and the items were either a hit or miss. Most of the clothes were cheap looking. Fast forward to today and they have grown immensely. There are locations everywhere and their clothes have come a long way.

My biggest tip for shopping at Forever21 would be to shop ONLINE, not in the stores. Their stores are really geared towards teens. Think tiny shorts, crop tops and tshirts with “cutie” on the boobs. I’ve had a lot of successful shopping experiences when I get items online and the options are PLENTY. I usually get a Medium in their clothes (tops, bottoms, dresses), except for the loose flowy types of items, then i’ll size down to a Small.

I have included some really fun and current suggestions found online. I hope you like my picks!

xo, MomingInNoVa

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