Burnside Farms

We spent Friday at Burnside Farms picking beautiful sunflowers! I had heard about this farm a few years ago but somehow I missed the seasonal window to see their blooms every year!

It was about a 45 minute drive from Oakton (& over an hour from Potomac). So we made sure to pack snacks for the kids for the drive. The drive was pretty straight forward, except for some traffic, don’t you love 66?!

There are two sections of the farm. The left side is for pictures only (no picking flowers) while the right side is for picking your own flowers! They provide you with a basket and snippers. You pay for your blooms upon leaving, per stem.

There is also a kids area, with a moon bounce, playground, slide, etc. Unfortunately the kids only played for a few minutes because it was so hot outside. By the time we took our photos and picked our stems, we were hot, drenched in sweat and just felt unpleasant. Also beware, there are thousands of bees all over the flowers. For someone who is allergic, this made me nervous! Thankfully we had no bee run ins!

Overall it was a great experience and the chance to take some beautiful photos! I will certainly head back during other seasons to see what other flowers they have!

xo, MomInNoVa

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