Little Girl’s Picks Under $20

Finding affordable kid’s clothing can be tricky sometimes. I buy my kiddos A LOT of clothes. Kylie specifically, likes to change her outfit multiple times a day (she’s a fashionista like her mama for sure). I’m also picky when shopping for the kids because I have particular taste. I like my kids to look nice but also realistic. I’m not going to dress them like full blown adults when they want to run, jump and play. I like styles that mimic what’s in fashion right now, but are comfortable.

I usually shy away from denim for the kids unless they are super stretchy and comfortable. Unless I am buying staple items, (sneakers, jackets, etc) I don’t like splurging on the kid’s clothes. They are destroyed or too small within months.

Here are some of the items that I have picked that I would certainly dress Kylie in, all under $20:

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