Kid’s Formal Wear

The first time Kylie was a flower girl was last year for my cousin’s wedding in Italy. I had no idea where to buy her a flower girl dress, because I envisioned something with lots of tulle paired a flower crown. Everything I came across ended up being over $100 and I just felt like it wasn’t worth it. I was shocking when I started looking on Amazon for options. The prices were to good to be true. I gave it a chance and ordered one dress.

I was so surprised when it arrived. It was PERFECT. Now, I always look on Amazon first. Kylie ended up being a flower girl for a second time, this time in Cancun and guess what, I purchased her dress from there again! I also purchased Kenzo’s cute suit! Kylie will be a flower girl this upcoming year two more times and I know exactly where I’m looking first!

Here are their looks with the linked items!

Kylie’s Tulle Flower Girl Dress
Kylie’s Fun Tulle Evening Dress
She looks thrilled here, doesn’t she? haha!
Kylie’s Lace Flower Girl Dress
Kenzo’s Suit
Kenzo’s Navy Loafers

xo, MomingInNoVa

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