Bye Brambleton.

Today we took our little family back to our home in Brambleton to say a final goodbye. We moved out before listing the home to make life easier with two little ones. And now, it is officially under contract! While we are thrilled to move on to bigger and better things, this is our first home as a married couple, Kylie’s first home that she has memories in and the home Kenzo was born in. What a bittersweet feeling.

We’ve been dealing with everything so quickly that I still can’t even believe we moved out back in June! I love this home so much. We built this home through Winchester and we were very pleased with our experiences. I still remember popping in to see the progress every week or so and running up to my walk in closet! This home was exceptional to us and I hope the new owners will love and appreciate it the way we did.

Kylie was pretty emotional today and she’s still trying to understand the concept of moving. It’s also hard on her since our new home doesn’t exist yet. We haven’t broken ground on the new home yet but we take her by often to show her the lot and keep her familiar with the area.

Goodbye & Thank you for THREE beautiful years!!

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