Affordable Jeans

Who hates shopping for pants? Specifically jeans?

I personally love jeans but finding the right fit is always a nightmare. My legs are skinnier than my waist so I always feel like when I go up sizes, the legs are baggy on me. I personally don’t love high waist because I constantly bloat and it looks like I’m either pregnant or I have a fupa (haha). I’m all about mid rise jeans!

My favorite affordable jeans come from Old Navy and Zara!

You can always get a good deal at Old Navy, never pay full price! I love their RoskStar collection. I feel like they have the right stretch without stretching out upon wears. They have both mid rise and high rise options to pick from.

Here are some looks that I’ve paired with my RockStar Skinny Jeans!

Denim at Zara is always a staple too. I love that they have all types of looks, trendy to classic. I usually buy my ripped denim from Zara. Again, I’m most comfortable with their Midrise collections. I usually don’t spend more than $50 on a pair of jeans there.

Here are some Zara denim looks!

Let me know if you love their denim as much as I do!!

xo, MomingInNoVa

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