It’s almost summer!

Summer is only a few short weeks away! And with the start of summer, comes summer break. Intentionally picking a profession to mimic my kid’s schedules was important for me even before having kids. As a counselor, I have about 6 weeks off to utilize for the summer.

My intentions with this blog originally started with the idea that I want to do NEW things this summer. I’ve lived in NoVa my entire life and I still don’t feel like I have a grasp on all the places to go or things to see that the area offers. So my summer project is to take the kids somewhere new and different several times a week and write about my positive (and negative) experiences.

My younger one (Kenzo) has had an allergic hive like reaction every time he’s been to the pool (although it hasn’t bothered him), so with his chlorine sensitivity we are limited in our pool days. It’s also hard to manage two non-swimming kiddos at the pool (my mind is always thinking scary thoughts, think final destination) so unless my husband or other able adults are with us, the pool isn’t happening.

My current to do list consists of just finding new, kid friendly places to visit. I have about 3 weeks to start planning! So join me in on this adventure!!

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